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What Were the Negro Leagues

The book What Were the Negro Leagues? by Varian Johnson is a great way to introduce children to topics surrounding Negro League baseball.

With easy to read text and 16 pages of photos, both young and older children can enjoy reading this historical account of life as a Negro League ballplayer.

Resource for Educators

In May of 2021, Baseball Reference launched The Negro Leagues are Major Leagues, a massive project that dramatically expanded the site’s coverage of the Negro Leagues and historical Black major league players.

They have created this resource for educators to share the incredible story of the Negro Leagues—from the pioneers of Black Baseball in the late 19th century through the formation of the Negro Major Leagues and into the impact of integration on the American and National Leagues.

America at Bat: The Color of Baseball 

Throughout MLB’s America at Bat: The Color of Baseball curriculum, significant dates in the history of both Negro League and Major League Baseball will be shared as well as important dates in the history of the United States.

Philadelphia-specific chapters include: 

Philadelphia History [PDF] by Meghan Essman

The Philadelphia Stars

Early Philadelphia baseball teams